I am Teemu Laitinen, born in Finland in 1987. I live in Fuengirola, Spain, and am a full-time professional photographer and entrepreneur. I started my photography career here with, among other things, landscape and wedding photography, which I enjoyed and liked a lot. At some point, I noticed that I have a tendency to make people relax in front of the camera, and with this, I specialized in boudoir and sensual photography.

I moved to Spain in 2015. Here I fell in love with the amount of light and the more relaxed everyday life, which is not as marked on the calendar as in Finland. When it's not pitch black and wet when you get off work, the social life is much richer than what I learned in my home country.

A mixed-breed dog named Barba, rescued from a shelters, lives here with me, with whom I go for a lot of walks and hiking in the nearby areas. Animals have always been close to my heart and during my life, in addition to dogs, I had cats, rabbits, chinchillas, domestic rats, hamsters, and aquariums at home.

Many describe my character as a gentle teddy bear. I think I have quite a friendly and calm character.

I am also one of the founders and active photographers of the Verano Visuals wedding photography service.

The first step in getting to know me is to contact me. My email address is teemu@teemulaitinen.com.

You can find me on Instagram behind the accounts @teemlait, @shotsbyteemu, @veranovisuals, and @boudoirbyteemu.

You can also send me a WhatsApp message if that feels more natural than writing an email. My WhatsApp number is +34 617 55 46 12.